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Originally Posted by Kyle Korienek View Post
But a part of me disagrees with you slightly. When NS released the heritage units back in whatever year, Casey made sure he got the photos on here ASAP, and a few of them were rainy day roster shots, one I remember seeing the umbrella. Am I saying these are on the same tier as NS heritage units? No, but the same ideals apply with regards to their informational content in my opinion.
Casey/NS, it has been speculated, have an agreement with RP to get those shots on. Of course, in general those are really high quality shots. But let's be clear, I have no problem with your submission - it's the thought that this was worthy of a specific forum post that I found puzzling. For that matter, as has been said, your shot could still get on, were you interested in making an additional effort.

Another part of me is one who likes to push the envelope with this site and see what can be accepted, I've always been that way.
I have no objection to your photography! Just puzzled by your original post. Especially given your RP experience.

I just wonder if say in 10 years if this site is still around, would they accept this shot? Since by then, these units will be razor blades and aluminum foil.
Depends on how many CN shots they have accepted by then, whether CN will have fallen as a flag, and on their attitude toward the to-become-older stuff. Will be interesting to see.
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