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Originally Posted by RobJor View Post
I think I see you solved it? Looks brighter, what else you did? Looks like some white areas to use Kevins hints. Daylight photos should not be too hard as you have a single light source.

In addition to Kevin excellent rundown I like Auto Tone and in PS when you use these auto adjusts, you can go back and fade the effect just like you were using layers.

Some times a "little" negative vibrance slider helps also.

My personal feeling is on just regular photos they are a little too strict but on more "creative" ones they allow a lot of leeway. Blue Hour is a good example of that, it is a desirable look so they allow a cast well beyond normal.

Yes Bob, I have started using Auto Levels in Affinity Photo and then go from there. I still am yet to get one photograph approved where the WB leans more towards warm (Eg, a warm sunny morning) but again as you mentioned, looks like regular photographs will not be extended this privilege. I am slowly realising the concept of rejections and trying my best not to repeat the same mistake for a subsequent rejection.
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