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Tough to say what happened here. I have seen other photos cited for shadows issues when the locomotives were not other words, the shadows don't have to be on the main subject, if they are too prominent or annoying. But then, I have also seen RP waive some or even most of the screening rules for incident photos of this nature. I think it's a judgment call on the screener's part.

This is just a guess, but it could be that in the case of an incident photo, the screener is really looking for the photo to at least do a good job telling the story, even if it has "issues" such as prominent shadows. In the case of this one, yes, the train is clearly stopped and there are access panels open and emergency equipment nearby.....but there is no real action depicted. There is no smoke, no hose lines strung, and no personnel actively working on the problem. It may be that the photo was taken just a bit too late to convey the real story of the incident.

Again, just a guess...

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