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Originally Posted by Grewup on the CW View Post
Joseph, you pic was early morning while Alex's was late evening, both with the similar "shadow cast" but apparently different screeners? Inconsistency with the accepted vs the rejected pics is why most of us stay frustrated with rejections.... I would like to say if its good enough for one then good enough for all but opinions vary apparently with the screeners. Try again later maybe you will gets Alex's screener.

Image © Alex Gillman
PhotoID: 711596
Photograph © Alex Gillman
Exactly. I personally like the low light/long shadow photos that can be created with an aerial view, so long as they can be kept off the train itself.

As far as the comments about the "scene already being done" that's all well and good if that's the rejection (PAQ, composition, anything) and a fair/valid point, but it's not "distracting shadows" by their definition, or the definition most use. Honestly I'd be happier with a foreground clutter rejection with the tree on the last bit of the trailing unit than this shadows nonsense lol.
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