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1. It is blurry. Also, if this is the original, the back steps are chopped off. I would not beleive this is fixable.

2. Too closely cropped. Widen it out a bit. Also, the contrast is off due to the cloudy sky in the background.

3. I don't think lightening it up will "wash" it out. It is slightly overexposed. Nice shot.

4. I don't know that it needs sharpening (look at the Moffat and numberboards). It does need a haircut. Crop off much of the top, leave just a small space from the top to the top of the tunnel. And do the same with the bottom. Make sure it meets the minimum requirements for size.

5. In my experience, lighting has to be all or nothing. Glint shots tend to be accepted if they are dark/light; otherwise, the nose needs to be fully lit.

Keep in mind, none of these suggestions are sure things, just my observations.
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