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Hey, I'm 13 also. I used to complain all the time about my rejected photos, not posting on here, but complaning to my friends on AIM (and even Chris Starnes on his personal IM!). I would submit everything I took! I thought for a while it was my CAMERAS problem, not mine! So, I spent $200 on a new camera setup, and, suprisingly , still got photos rejected. I finally took some time and looked around at photography books and here. I learned about what is a good angle and a bad angle on here, what is proper lighting and what is terrible lighting. Instead of just shooting, I acually would think about how the shot would come out. Now I have 137 photos on here, and all but 45-ish were taken since June! You can complain all you want about how you got a rejection for an out of focus picture, but most likely it will get you in more trouble then help.

Keep at it, dont give up because some of your first pictures arn't on par with Ansel Adams.
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