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Originally Posted by OCtrainguy
Rather than start a new thread on the cropping subject, I thought I'd update this one. There are two Amtrak photos that I took from Elizabeth New Jersey Transit's North Elizabeth station), New Jersey on the Northeast Corridor.

The first one is of an Acela train. I know it was also rejected for Bad Contrast, but I'm asking about the cropping. Is there too much space to the left of the lead unit?

The second is of the southbound Silver Star with an HHP-8 leading.

This was the third time these two photos were rejected for their cropping. I have recropped them a few ways (in, out) without success. Any advice on these two would be appreciated. Thanks!
Not trying to be mean or anything - just honest, but I think quality wise, as in the quality of the digital image or the quality of the scan, those pictures are seriously lacking. The exposer seems off (even if you REDUCED the contrast parts would be washed out and parts would still be contrasty) and they are really grainy -- cropping I think can be fixed by a rotate here, and a snip there but the poor grainy quality is a "mortal" problem.

As for cropping, the Acela has too much space on the left.
The HHP I like, but needs a CCW rotation of .5 to 1 and maybe a little off the left, but not past the first catenary post.

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