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I'm typically ridiculously polite when I get asked questions regarding my suspicious activities - I'm glad someone has a system in place and is keeping a eye open. What perturbs me, however, is despite my politeness, which is often returned, I get the debreifing usually by several officers. And like you said, Joe, is it really that suspicious shooting pictures in the wide open??

No one ever says, "oh, OK, cool, no problem", it's always like, well..., you still might be a terrorist." Like these pics dont' already exist in volume on the Web!

Joe, I was at New Hope and they thought I was a spy from the L&C trying to get the steam engine back. No, just kidding. But, this was embarrising - I was panning a hand pump car during a Thomas the Tank event (what, like you didn't see that comming?) and I was told that my actions could be mistaken for something else - ie, taking pictures of kids. D'oh! But, you know, I stopped right away, it was a family event and it could be mistaken for something else. But after I showed the guard my unusual and creative pan pump car pics as proof it took a bit more conversation - what am I doing here, where am I from, ID please - what ever happened to "oh, OK, just checking, perhaps you might consider another subject", which was the final conversation.

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