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A couple of reply's here:

Dave Kerr:

Had you just performed a lens swap before the lockup occured? I haven't had a problem out of my 20D, but after a year with the 10D I try to be very careful to turn the camera off before swapping lens.

Jim Butler:

The 10D is a good camera, I'm going to keep mine as a backup/2nd body for times when I'd like to shoot telephoto and wide angle at the same location. Depending on the glass you currently own, saving $500-$600 on the body could help you get into a 17-40 f4 lens which translates to a 27.2-64mm lens on a film body.

Since you already have the Rebel Ti, I'd recommend keeping the one film body for 2 reasons.

1. You'll have a backup body to your new 10D/20D that uses the same lens/flash etc.

2. There are those rare times that you'll need the full frame for a wide angle shot that the 1.6 crop factor of the digital can't provide. This usually happens in a museum setting, shop tour, etc. where you'll be very close to the subject to be photographed.
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