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Originally Posted by millerm
To sharpen the original, I used Photoshop "Adjust Sharpness" for "Gaussian Blur" at Amount=100% and Radius=2.0
Although I would have expected over-sharpening to be "overprocessed" not "poor quality" though.
Radius = 2 is way, way too strong. Try 0.6 for starters (and maybe back off the amount down to 75 or so). I'm not familiar with Adjust Sharpness for Gaussian Blur; how is that different from Unsharp Mask, which I think is the conventional method? (My suggested setting are for the use of Unsharp Mask and I am assuming that your method uses values of similar magnitude.)

The shot is so badly oversharpened that it can be confusing as to what happened, but clearly it is way off so it got bad quality.

I'm supprised nobody has mentioned the fence at the left -- around what's left of the old Virginian station that burned there in Roanoke.
[edit: btw, I tried one where I cropped out that fence and got "bad angle"]
That seems to be a minor issue, and in general when you get quality rejections, that is what people will comment on first. As far as composition, I'm not a fan, and I wonder whether a vertical crop will get rid of some of the uninteresting fringe (especially on the right) and make more sense of the middle.
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