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Originally Posted by milwman
It is just not the best shot, as in its the back side of the GE cant see the power on the train on the right side. shot in high sun thats 10 am to 3 pm, the light is flat and not pleasing. Not that you didn't try and its not saying your a bad shot. Just this one didn't work out. I am having a go around right now trying to get one in and i know what i am doing, so as a new guy don't get to beat up about it you will get in with a shot, if you don't give up.
Thanks, that info is REALLY helpful. I'll have to try and get out earlier, andy later and I'd be shooting directly into the sun to get anything worthwhile.

I'm sure I could find something if I really wanted to, I've got thousands of rail picures on cd's back to 2002 and I'm always taking more when I can.

I may let this one go, I'm going to try cropping/tuning it some and see if I can make it look better first. I wish I could make one of these work but I think they're beyond hope.

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