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It certainly does not work for RP.

Which is not to say don't do it if you like it. But, if you want the focus to be on the tops of cars, make it a shot that somehow highlights the tops of cars. Here you have two basic issues that prevent that from happening, in my view:

1) major distractions from the "tops of cars" story. Chopped off fragment of an engine. Chopped off fragment of a bridge. A pile of ties. A post. When I look at this shot, I don't think "tops of cars," I think messy, messy pointless shot.

2) uninteresting "tops of cars" story. Frankly, engines are inherently interesting, end of trains are somewhat interesting, can be greatly so at times, but in general cars are much less interesting. Unless you make them so! You did not. A shot of a string of cars in plain light with plain perspective says "boring." Sorry, but it does, at least to me. It may require changing your position, changing what you focus on, etc. It requires much more effort at composition than does a shot of the front of a train.

I think that, from this vantage point, a "yard" story is the best bet. The arrangement of cars and engine this time around were not especially interesting, from a composition point of view, but that doesn't mean don't go back and try another day. I suspect a vertical will be the best way to go but hey, I've never been there.
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