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I see skies like that too when it's cloudy. That's why I ususally don't get the camera out.QUOTE]

Boy, if you lived in the Northeast you wouldn't be getting it out at all... Not being sarcastic! This:
http://richpalm88.rrpicturearchives....aspx?id=104012 is an average Pa. day. Or white skies.

I gave up fighting the sun all the time and shoot whatever, whenever, I want. If you want perfect, cloudless days here, it just ain't gonna happen. We *might* get a few a year. (when at work) So If I want any quantity of pictures at all, in mud, slop or snow, I say the hell with it and go. And the quality ones go in my own archive, the real losers get the delete key.

For me, if I keep pining away for the perfect day, I'd think myself into a psych ward real quick!


On screening: I have pretty much figured out what times screeners do their thing and upload then. I've had the results within a couple minutes then.


Click Here to view my photos at RailPictures.Net! (Good weather here, but 20 year's worth!)

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