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Originally Posted by DME 6361 View Post
I hope you guys know that the DME [350m--FEC over 250m a year proves that the it takes more than that to become a class I--like 500 million.
A Railroad has to be over $250m for three consecutive years. They mus not have met this.

Originally Posted by DME 6361
And as for the MRL becoming class I--WHAT???????????: How would that be possible since the BN made the MRL from splitting up the line in 1989 from class I to class II. That would be impossible since they turned it into class II for a reason and a little known fact that the BN still owns them on a 99 year loan! Its called BN being smart with regulations on trains over grades, locals, and 40,000 less a year getting paid to the MRL train crews!
Just because the original Intent was being a C2 doesn't mean it would stay being a C2.

Originally Posted by Slopes09
This question doesn't make much sense. No Class II railroad wants to become a Class I railroad in its own right. As has been stated, that means more regulation, taxes, etc., which would bog down their earnings. I seem to recall in past years, several Class IIs, including (though not necessarily limited to) MRL and FEC technically reached the Class I threshold. Both petitioned the STB to raise the threshold so that they could remain a Class II, and this was granted.
True, that's why there is a tenth option on the poll. "None will, the don't want to pay the extra $$$"

Originally Posted by ShortlinesUSA
Not to mention that becoming a class 1 would, at least in several states, shut them off to grants and low-interest loans provided to shortline railroads. Either that, or if business is that good, they'll become a class 1 by being bought out.
^^^, Same to jdirelan87

Originally Posted by nikos1
I had my bets on ICE/DME but they became class 1 in the wrong way........
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Originally Posted by A Friend
everytime i see non-train photos of yours i think, "so much talent. wasted on trains."

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