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I hope you guys know that the DME [350m--FEC over 250m a year proves that the it takes more than that to become a class I--like 500 million. And as for the MRL becoming class I--WHAT???????????: How would that be possible since the BN made the MRL from splitting up the line in 1989 from class I to class II. That would be impossible since they turned it into class II for a reason and a little known fact that the BN still owns them on a 99 year loan! Its called BN being smart with regulations on trains over grades, locals, and 40,000 less a year getting paid to the MRL train crews!
not sure where you get your info but its a 59 year lease and it had nothing to do with regulations over grades. The T&E employees on the MRL do not make $40,000 a year less than the BNSF. The MRL boys have a very good contract with the BLE and are almost at national agreement rates. It was a squabble with the state of Montana and the BN over some tax issues and some hard headed upper management with some poor ideas. The BNSF does not own the MRL. Dennis Washington owns the MRL as well as the SRY and use to own the IMRL which you now know as the old IC&E or "the new DM&E"
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