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Default UP on the ICE

Originally Posted by WSOR 3807
There's the possibility I might be going to Northeast Iowa this Friday, and I've heard the UP is/has been detouring trains on the Iowa Chicago Eastern for a few months now, do to some work on one of the UP's main lines. Supposedly there is one train each way a day. Does anyone know anything about these detours? And idea of what times they are running(aproximately) out of say Marquette or Dubuque?

I'd appreciate any information anyone can provide, as I'd like to catch one of these detour moves on my way.

Noah Hofrichter
Reedsburg WI
Track work on UP(CNW) Geneva sub. Signal cut ins east of Dekalb,Il is the problem which shuts down the main line for hrs at a time. At Clinton,IA the ICE crosses the UP so thats where the detour starts. Autos and manifest have detoured so far as stack trains may or may not. Some stacks use the ICE from Kansas City already than jump on to the UP so who knows what may happen. There's probably set times that are never seen but these trains are to run to CP's Bensenville yard or on to the IHB a couple miles east. You may see some auto trains turn at Spaulding(east of Elgin) on to the EJE railway. So as stuff happens ill tune you in.
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