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Originally Posted by KevinM View Post
Yep, that's the dude....and I agree. That sunset shot is a keeper. I am hoping to come up with at least one nicely lit shot of this locomotive. I have no idea what to expect out there. On the one hand, if you read the foamer boards like TrainOrders, you could imagine highway gridlock. On the other hand, I suspect that outside of train fanatics, most people couldn't care less about the Big Boy or the Spike 150 event and most people probably think that UP is creating a public nuisance with this.

The last time I was in Wyoming was for the solar eclipse. I'm pretty sure this won't be nearly that nutty.
Other engines look more hulking/muscular but that Big Boy is l-o-n-g!

Just noticed: 4014 has "Big Boy" in chalk on the smokebox front- a nice historic touch!
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