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Originally Posted by miningcamper1 View Post
"Select members"???
Sorry, Mitch. Some of us don't like the favoritism that already exists on the site (i.e. "High Value Contributors"). I never judge a photo by who took it.
This confuses me....

If there already is a perceived bias, wouldn't you rather have a bias given to Jim Wrinn, John Craft, Steve Crise, Alan Crotty or Steve Schmollinger?

I've always thought "More is better then less" for a database like RP. I'd rather scroll past stuff I do not like vs never having a chance to see the images I might like. That's the advantage of thumbs. Of the speed of RP vs FLICKR. Of the search functions.

And unlike Railfan & Railroad or Trains Magazine, "favored" photographers do not preclude folks like you and I getting a photo into the database.

Quite simply - who cares if there is favortism in getting images accepted so long as your images are not unfairly omitted from the database. Is your (our) goal sharing and the visibility through RP or stopping noted and revered photographers from uploading a few marginal shots?

In other words, favortism really has no effect on us unless those "crappy" shots beat our image to the front page. Like the magazines, there is only limited space available (4 slots on the top right of the front page). However, those images have either earned their spot on the highly visible front page or you are stuck with the issue not even addressed - a few odd SC choices, link campaigns and of course, the Darwin /pretty girl shots.

More is better so long as they are screened or at least from proven photographers. I can not image a photo from O Winston Link that I would
not be interested in seeing. Or even the likes of Dennis Livesey, Eric Williams or Travis.


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