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Hi Filip,

Not sure how/why you got banned. It may be that the screeners felt they were not seeing improvement on issues cited in the rejection notices and just decided that you were not making progress toward meeting the site's standards. My initial reaction to the posted examples is the same as Miningcamper's. The images look too contrasty on my display. The dark tones are too dark and the shadows too deep. Similarly, some of the bright areas could stand some highlight adjustments.

How much editing were you doing? I can pretty much tell you that if you're uploading completely unedited images, it will be very difficult to get anything accepted here. If you browse the site, you'll see that most of the accepted material is relatively bright and vibrant.

I think the key thing is that when you get a rejection.....stop there and ask for help from folks here on the forums. If you keep uploading images with the same issues, it won't take long to wear out your welcome. Of course, that advice isn't very helpful if you've already been banned. Honestly, I don't know of many folks who've been banned who managed to get their accounts re-instated. If the site is not responding to your e-mails, it probably does mean they are not interested.

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