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Ween I have talked to the enigneer, @Knsengineer, I understand your perspective but the people were taking pictures on the tracks as you were coming around the bend. I ran down their right as they started to stop and take pictures and tried to alert them. Then as your headlights hit the west bound H72.3 signal I tried to wave the people off and began telling them to get off tracks a train was coming. I don't think you could see from the engineers seat but the people were behind the bend at fetner but came up as you past. I acknowledge you and wish I could becomae an engineer like you. I have some pictures of the people on the tracks at, ( ) if you want I will change the title or remove the video. I just hope you acknowledge my veiw of the situation (I think the parents need a schooling on railroad saftey, the must be out of their mind to bring 2 toddler not much older than 2 onto active Railroad tracks).

Thanksready talked to the engineer. Here is the message I sent him,
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