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Horizon Unlevel (Leaning Right): The horizon of the image is leaning to the right, and needs to be corrected with counterclockwise rotation. A level horizon, in most cases, should be ascertained by ensuring that an object which is known to be vertical, such as a structure, nearest to the center of the frame aligns with the grid lines in your photo editor.

Wow, can you believe that detailed rejection/explanation? Nice to see they are updated things. Maybe the wording for poor light, poor sun angle, etc is next?

Anyway, aside from the rejection reason, the whole scene is a little cluttered for me. What am I supposed to be looking at? What is the thing in the foreground left that is cut off? I feel like a bit wider would have worked better here to avoid the awkwardly cut off subjects on the left and right.
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This pretty much sums it up:

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