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With all due respect, when did a bunch of leaning verticals and a coaling tower that looks like it's about to fall over become a "total bs reason?"

The reason verticals are used to determine level is because unless you're shooting exactly at a 90 degree angle to something, horizontals quickly become totally unreliable due to perspective. Verticals (discounting wide angle distortion) should remain true.

Can you imagine the result if John tried to level this shot based on a horizontal row of rivets?

Image © John Sesonske
PhotoID: 483762
Photograph © John Sesonske

I often feel from your comments that you think we should overlook the very rare flaws in your work (a flaw which, in this case, could have been corrected a lot quicker than making this forum post) and accept the photo anyway because you're Ron Flanary. My question to you would be - how would this be fair to anyone else who contributes to RP?
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