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Originally Posted by Chris Kilroy View Post

...I often feel from your comments that you think we should overlook the very rare flaws in your work (a flaw which, in this case, could have been corrected a lot quicker than making this forum post) and accept the photo anyway because you're Ron Flanary. My question to you would be - how would this be fair to anyone else who contributes to RP?...
Thanks for the condescension, Chris. I never expect favors or exceptions. And, it wouldn't matter if Leonard Lipshits submitted the shot, it's irritating to any decent photographer to be rejected for a banal reason---and I think I do a decent job as a photographer. Yes, it's upsetting as hell...and I could kick myself in the butt for (1) making an issue of it, and (2) uploading this, or any other shot in the first place. is not fun---and it should be. This is a hobby, not some kind of bizarre competition.
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