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Originally Posted by Chris Kilroy View Post
I wasn't being condescending at all; I was being completely honest. The vast majority of your work is fantastic and is accepted no questions asked, and citing a rare flaw here and there was a compliment, not condescension....

I will say, however, that I feel we've done everything we possibly could, within reason, to try to keep you happy over the years. I have absolutely no regrets in terms of that, and I don't see how we could have done anything differently.
Chris, I doubt most of the folks who follow this forum don't want to keep reading what is essentially a conversation between me, you (and Chris Starnes, off line). For what it's worth, the "free pass" suggestion for "advanced" photographers (or whatever...) did come from me, but it's been voiced in many variations from a lot of contributors, and (more importantly) very good would-be contributors. But---the chances of you guys ever considering my advice or anything else is slim and none, so you'll never hear that again. Obviously, I'm a total dumb ass.

I'm not a child, and I'm not going to ask you to remove my images. After a cooling off period, I might even upload another shot one day. But most importantly, it has never been necessary to "keep me happy over the years." I would hope you treat every contributor with the respect they deserve. I've never asked for any favors or special considerations---ever.

Let's move on...this particular horse is dead.
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