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Originally Posted by Ron Flanary View Post
Chris Kilroy (and also Starnes, via e-mail) and I had an amicable discussion by Facebook message. We're friends, and we will remain friends. No...I'm not going to "fix" the shot, because I feel there's nothing wrong with it, so we'll move on. And no, I'm not going to have all my images removed from I do believe many of my ideas to improve have considerable merit, but it's not my site, and I don't make those decisions. I do thank both Starnes and Kilroy for listening. At any rate, thanks to all for tolerating my little semi-public rant. I'm sure Jim is laughing that something that pushed me over the edge dealt with "unlevel."
Life is full of these little speedbumps. So far, the urge to slit my wrists after having someone tell me my photos suck, or call me a pretentious prick, has been manageable.

At the same time, life is also full of those moments when it all just works out in our favor. Guess it's how the guy upstairs keeps us on our toes.
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