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Default Carolina Coastal Railway (CLNA) roster updates

CLNA has sold some of the larger locomotives on its roster and replaced them with a batch of 4 ex CN/GTW GP9Rs.

Locomotives known to have left the roster are:

CLNA GP40 95 (ex MS Export, and the last unrebuilt ACL GP40 in existence)
CLNA GP40 6528 (acquired through the purchase of the Nash Country Railway from Gulf & Ohio)
CLNA GP38 2068 (from NCRY)
CLNA GP38 9657 (from NCRY)
CLNA SW14 1473 (former owner unknown to me)

95 was definitely sold to LTE, and promptly shipped out on lease to Pan Am Railways. The other units may have been sold to LTE, but this is not certain.

These units were replaced with four GP9Rs from Progress Rail in Patterson, GA which had been in storage for several years, and will need work before entering service for the CLNA.

They are:

CLNA 4609 (ex GTW GP9R, GTW blue)

CLNA 4012 (ex CN GP9R, CN zebra stripe)

CLNA 7003 (ex CN GP9R, newer CN scheme)

CLNA 7048 (ex CN GP9R, newer CN scheme)

With this change, the CLNA has now standardized on an entire roster of 567-powered EMDs, which is pretty rare, even on the shortlines. Since painting CLNA 4624, no further units have been repainted, and at last check the repainting program at the CLNA was on hold.
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