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"Munks are just like people"

Willie is well liked locally ("He's good people," says a nearby gas station owner), but his real friends are the ground squirrels who share his plot of desert. He calls them chipmunks and has fed them from babyhood on free sacks of grain confiscated from overloaded trucks at a highway inspection station.

Once a week there is the treat of nuts (below), and his cornbread recipe makes enough for one adult and 12 squirrels. Around his shack he has scattered 130 rubber tires with holes cut in the sidewalls so the squirrels can escape into them from dogs or their mortal enemies hawks.

"Munks are good company," says Willie. "They're just like people. Some are friendly and they'll crawl all over you. Some are mean. Some people, no matter how long you know them, keep their distance. Same with munks."

Up at Cody's Camp I spent my days . . . With flatcar riders, and crosstie walkers . . .

-John Fogherty, Green River
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