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Originally Posted by nikos1 View Post
Sorry to be a dick but not sure why you are so intent on defending this shot, I looked at your Flickr and this shot is the least interesting of all of what I saw on there. I've been to this spot and the big scene is very interesting, you can get much better light too.
For example....
I will try to answer
I may have better pictures in general but I think that, tehcnically, this is was my best train-tram picture so far. Let me know if you see another one you think would be more suitable for submission here.

This is why I posed the question. I still think it's a good picture to be honest. Maybe not good enough for the level of the website. Fair enough. But it is also fair to ask the question "why not?".

I like your train pictures. Your flickr picture of the Budapest-tram has more light in it than mine for sure. But from an artistic point of view I still appreciate the golden-hour light tone of my picture.
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