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Thanks for the feedback guys, I really appreciate this. My ultimate goal isn't to get photos onto although for the loco shots that would be a nice kickback of what I'm really trying to accomplish, which is to expand my photographic horizons. When I photograph aircraft, I always feel like I'm trying too hard to photograph the aircraft, rather than the scene. Maybe its because I'm completely fascinated with aviation, or because I learned photography through very subjective judging, either way, I'm trying to broaden things out a bit, and I feel that rail works because it's still transportation (which I must admit I'm quite fascinated with), but I'm not so concentrated on photographing the subject as I am the scene.

To explain further, railyards have always been iconic scenes of urban decay in popular culture, and I'm trying to capture that sort of very raw, form follows function image in my photos.

...And If by chance I happen to get some photos on RP, certainly won't mind too much
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