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I thought it was going to be terrible last year when I first heard about the movie but it turned out to be really good. I noticed a few technical flaws but nothing that every single movie doesn't have. I think coborn35 is being far too critical or hasn't even seen the movie as he listed no evidence supporting why he thought it was a "complete joke". There were some inaccuracies but no one in the general audience would ever know (5,000 HP SD40-2 for example, magical switches). I personally thought the climax was a bit far fetched to ever happen in reality (physics) but it is a fictional movie so whatever works. No one else that has seen the movie seemed to complain about it.

I'll give it a B+

Since I live in the area the movie was shot in I found it particularly interesting. Many of the names of real railroad places were kept (Brewster, Olean). There was also plenty of nice train shots and a lot of Wheeling & Lake Erie locomotives floating around if you were paying close attention. Overall, the movie was well shot, well acted, and worth watching if you're looking for an action packed suspenseful movie with trains. Basically, the complete opposite of "Atomic Train".

Here are some photos of equipment in the movie

Image © Tom Habak
PhotoID: 304070
Photograph © Tom Habak

Image © Paul Duda
PhotoID: 266507
Photograph © Paul Duda

Image © Wade H. Massie
PhotoID: 203326
Photograph © Wade H. Massie

Image © JMC
PhotoID: 309004
Photograph © JMC

Other photos of the equipment can be seen with the search term "Allegheny and West Virginia (AWVR)"
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