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I am pretty new but I am adapting to the screening process. I can somewhat understand the factors involved. Improvements in that would probably come internally as you are probably aware of the issues.

However, I had also thought of the free pass, if I understand that to be once you get a certain number of accepted photos you get to submit something within reason that might not have been accepted. I have night photos usually in a town that do not seem to fit in. The are not daylight quality but yet not the headlight in the night type that could be accepted.
I am sure others might have other types of photos also. The reasoning behind this is once you set criterion, rules, inevitably certain creativity suffers and a certain sameness can set in.

It is like they talk about standardized tests. Students begin to study to pass the test. So we all pick photos that have A,B,C and D qualities because we learn right or wrong others will fail.

As far as the blog, I think now you are going back to the typical complaint with magazines only a little worse. Basically an editor now picks who to publish. I am not saying this is bad but opens another can of worms as only a few are chosen which gets away from what I thought is the basic concept is that everyone gets a chance. If anything, it could be that people at least get to submit a blog similar to a magazine article and the "best" are chosen rather than picking who can even try.

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