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Originally Posted by Mberry View Post
Broken record time, but as I have said many times the screening process as it is now is very frustrating to contributors, and I know many once prolific contributors who have given up in frustration. Specifically fixable rejection, followed by fixable rejection followed by a killer rejection or some similar progression. It's happened to me probably hundreds of times and it's unbelievably frustrating, a waste of everyone's time and a big turn off to a lot of potential contributors.
So be a little more choosey, reduce the uploads, and lessen the frustration?

In my opinion, further screenings after the first rejection should only be to determine whether the previous rejection reason was addressed or not (within reason).
I like this idea. That would force the hands of RP to empty the clip on the first go round, and allow a photographer to decide if it's worth it or not.

Originally Posted by Chase55671 View Post
Chase says stuff about things and whatever here.
Themed photo contests! Allow one screened (loosely) entry per registered member, and have them up somewhere on here for voting. Maybe do one every couple weeks or something. Winner can get a RP t-shirt or a month of Elite Membership or something.

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