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Originally Posted by spacetrain1983 View Post
I do try. Every time I go railfanning, when I turn on the camera, I think of all of the advice I've been given on these forums. However, circumstances usually line up wrong, and something ends up wrong about the shot, usually the lighting. I bother to take the shots in the first place for my personal collection. A small percent of them I consider worth passing by the forums.
Hi Spacetrain,

The next time you have a nice clear day where you are, take a walk outside around 6PM and just look at the world around you. Look at the trees, the buildings, vehicles, etc. See how pretty that light is vs. mid-day or after sunset. There is no comparison. THAT is the kind of light you want. THAT is the kind of light that will give your pictures a chance here. Photography isn't about owning a camera, or shooting anything that moves. Photography is about learning to see the light and using it to make pretty photos. If you don't have great light, you'll rarely get a great photo. If the light is not good, don't even bother taking the camera out of the bag, just enjoy what is happening around you.

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