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Originally Posted by KevinM View Post
Exactly. But Spacetrain isn't ready for challenging conditions. He needs to put himself in the best possible situation to succeed and the lighting he's picking right now isn't going to get him there.

You have a valid point. Now, I'm going to suggest something that fits the situation. ST does not have mobility yet, but there is a work around, one I learned from a photography portrait class. Get a model train--the bigger gauge the better. Put the engine etc. on some track on your dining room table, at night. All lights off except for one table lamp--a goose neck lamp you can adjust is best. Shine the light on the train and note where the shadows fall. Keep taking shots of the model, and keep moving the light around to different angles. With the room being dark this is a pretty good approximation. Ask yourself, "Where did the light's direction work best? Where wasn't it not working at all?" You can do something similar outdoors during the day too. Have your dad park his car out in the drive way. Walk around it taking photos from different angles. What worked? What didn't? Pay attention to shadows, and to areas where the contrast (darkest dark and brightest areas) are too much for your camera to do a good job with. Try different settings to your camera's Exposure Compensation dial and see what effect that has.

Another thing to do is get in the habit to look at scenes that catch your eye as the day goes by. What direction is the light coming from? What angle? This is where you always start--those two questions. If the light is not working for the shot you have in mind, either come up with a different composition OR don't waste time on it and keep looking for a place it will work.

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