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My list isnt that impressive but ive logged a good amount of miles and hours in the first 3. Atleast its all good old school power.
Image © Nikos Kavoori
PhotoID: 275081
Photograph © Nikos Kavoori

Image © Nikos Kavoori
PhotoID: 293858
Photograph © Nikos Kavoori

EMD GP10 Athens Line Railroad
EMD GP30 Athens Line Railroad
EMD SD40T-2 Squaw Creek Southern RR
GE U23B Georgia Central RR, For a few yards
EMD SW8 - Museum
Oh and a Boeing 747 in the days before 9/11 and it wasnt a national security issue to let a kid see the fancy dials and levers that make the plane fly.

Wedge shots of blue HLCX SD60's

More wedge shots of blue HLCX SD60's

Video wedge shots of blue HLCX SD60's
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