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Cab rides have never really been that big a deal for me, but I have had three that were memorable:
  • Catskill Mountain Railroad RS-1 #401 (back when it was green), going about 500' from the Kingston shop to what was then in 2000-ish the end of serviceable track at the first grade crossing. This was my first time both in a cab and up-close with an operating Alco. The CMRR crew has come a long way since then.
  • Amtrak P32AC-DM from NYP to ALB; nothing like sitting in the left seat with a big 106 on the speedometer and the Hudson River rushing by out the window. *
  • Amtrak F40PH from ALB to SYR on the Maple Leaf not too long before the type vanished from active service. *

* - Arranged through my employer at the time
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