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Originally Posted by jnohallman View Post
Personally, I love the photo, but I'm wondering if the issue isn't the lighting. Specifically, the dreaded "not enough light on the nose" issue.
Hi Jon,

I could buy the nose-light concern if it weren't for the fact that there are thousands of photos in RP with no nose-light. Honestly, I think that rejection is mostly applied to shots of common power, which clearly is not the case here. Yes, the shot is side-lit, back-lit, but we're not talking a POW (Plain Old Wedgie) here. If this were a tree-tunnel wedge, I would never have bothered processing the frame, and certainly wouldn't have submitted it here.

I hope that it is at least a little bit obvious that I try to select interesting frames for display here. I may not always succeed in figuring out what the audience wants to see, but the effort is there. If the scenes don't have a beauty, most of them at least have a story. I have almost 90,000 frames on my computer. There are just over 1000 posted here, so you're seeing just a hair over 1% of what I shoot.

My RP stuff is here.

Link to my Flickr Albums. Lots of Steam Railroad stuff there from all over the US.
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