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Reading everyones responses I probably should just keep my mouth shut and not cause a debate. Although that would be fun.... I'll keep it short.

Some people dont just like engines because they are rare, or because of their color, or whatever it may be. I can tell you I dont just like Dodge Ram trucks from 02-08 because of their rarity or whatever, its the design and look to them that draws my interest.

The reason why I love EMD spartan power and Dash 8C's is because I think the design is much nicer looking than widecabs of pretty much any sort. Now obviously the spartan power is becoming much harder to find on road trains, but thats not why I like SD40-2's. The design is what makes me like these engines, the history, and the fact that power from the 1970's and 1980's was part of a time when (In my opinion, anyway) the railroading scene was the neatest. So if I dont particularly like Dash 9's and SD70ACe's, don't just assume that I will like them when they are rare. Sure, they will be more noteworthy, but its not going to make me start to like them. I have plenty of shots of newer power and whatnot, but I will admit to steering clear of it more often than not. And actually I'd rather shoot a GEVO all day over any Dash 9 or AC44, because the GEVO looks a bit nicer to me. And with that said I still sigh when I hear "BNSF 7624 calling West Hump dispatcher". Time to go look for another train.

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