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Originally Posted by Tgranville View Post
Ive spent almost 5 months since mid July on crutches due to 2 Achilles tendon surgeries, so I kind of lost touch with fanning, but I have spent the last 3 Sundays out shooting and it feels good to be back out doing it. Kind of a way to get away from lifes problems, even though it maybe only be for a few hours at a time. And honestly, it doesnt matter what the power is, Im going to shoot it, whether it be a GEVO or an SD40-2, or a Dash 9. Its nice to get something out of the ordinary on the point, but to me, it's about getting out and enjoying myself trackside.
I second this, I could care less whats leading as long as I get to be trackside!

Originally Posted by JimThias View Post
Just a follow up to this post....I've shot more train pics in that past six weeks than I did in all of 2010. January has been VERY good for me so far. Lots of snow and good photo ops so far. I hope it continues into February as well.
I hope so as well, so far I've added 7 shots to RP in January. I hope to add a few more before the month is over, but its good to be back behind the camera this year since I don't have any priorities outside of my job.
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