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OK, I don't want to be a complete square, so I'll mention that I like Radiohead and Coldplay. Beatles and Rolling Stones also have been known to be played in my vehicle, as well as a couple hits from Gerry Rafferty.

And how could I forget Van Halen?

I like Jazz too, Pat Metheny and Dave Brubeck are a couple others I listen to occasion.

How about I just mention what I DON'T like:

Rap (some is OK), country (not to include classic country and bluegrass), opera, Irish dance/folk music (how about all Folk in general), death metal (it's just white noise), new age (boring), easy listening Muzak (singers and standards are cool like Sinatra- just no elevator music, please), showtunes, calliope music, techo (I need to be in a club to get into this), anything by Christina Aguilera (or any of her peers), 20th century contra-basson solos, marching bands (on the 4th of July is fine), and most anything played on steel drums, harpsichords, harps, organs, theremins, euphoniums, zithers, mandolins, accordians, jews harps, sitars, and glockenspiels.
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