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I don't see this as "too loose" and I am a bit confused by the rejection.

I do see this as the much more common "bad crop", ie; Crop monster food. The subject(s) are somewhat centered in the scene top to bottom. I'd crop the bottom, add to the top or some combination to get the train and car out of the center (vertically).

I believe I am the only one here who has no problem with having different screeners re-screeen a shot after it's fixed. With one to 200 or so images to screen per day, does anyone really expect each screener to note every rejection possible. I assume, they find the one most problematic and move forward. If there is another problem causing another rejection, just go ahead and fix it and move on. Hopefully, our images do not suffer from multiple issues at time of submission.

Yours does, lol - take to the shadows and highlights filter and bring some detail back to those tractor tires! Also, while that's happening, you'll likely brighten the scene making for a much more appealing image.

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