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I would have to agree with the above people. It seems the decals have pealed right off! I don't understand why CSX themselves would take the decals off so I think it's just weathering. Actually this sortof reminds me of when new black top roads are layed here in IL. They put temporary yellow decals in the middle of the road until they get the truck that spray paints the bigger stripes on. They leave the stripes on for ahwile and when it comes time to spray the official stripes on they apply heat to the decal. They peel it off and there's a darker black stripe left on the black top.

You now that I think of it, sometimes when a locomotive or frieght car gets a new owner it looks like as if they peel the decal off too. I've always wondered how they could paint over a letter perfectly as same letter it was. This doesn't happen to every locomotive or freight car sold but ir does happen.
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