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Originally Posted by Ron Flanary View Post
Remember...I don't shoot in raw. The files are too, too large, and I don't place too much archival value in my digital shots.
I would say this is startling coming from a man who has been archiving superb rail photos for decades.

How many times Ron you have complained about the poor quality of the photos you took 50 years ago with bad camera's and bad film? Well, by shooting on JPEG'S, you are doing the same thing now.

RAW keeps everything the sensor saw. Not only is this archival, it also allows the ability to truly work with your image.

The "too large" argument is so 2001. Cards and drives are so huge and cheap now there is no reason to stick with that rational.

50 years from now someone will be saying, "Darn it, if only Ron had shot this in RAW! Then it would have worked really good on our L&N Holodeck!"

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