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Originally Posted by JimThias View Post
You need to work on your elbow-throwing technique.
I will try to post it later tonight when I get home, but one of my last shots for the weekend was at Christiansburg by the depot, I was set up on the little bridge on the West/North side of the tracks, some asshole comes out of nowhere and his big bald head is right in front my my camera as I was getting my shot. I am not sure if I can merge 2 frames to make it work or not, but I was pissed.

Originally Posted by bigbassloyd View Post
I had to politely, then impolitely ask a guy to move his arm during the sts-135 launch in 2011. If you think the 611 photo lines were rough, try shooting from the Max Brewer Bridge with 750,000 of your closet friends.
I bet. When I was little my family would camp out on the side of the Bananna and Indian river and watch the shuttle launches. It was a thing. I was there for STS-2, the 2nd ever shuttle launch!

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