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Originally Posted by Joe the Photog View Post
I hate that he has passed and hate that I never met him. He leaves behind a great record of the history he has shot. He may have more shots of the old Rockton & Rion here in South Carolina than I have seen anywhere else. I hope this does not sound heartless, but I hope his photographs will be preserved in some fashion by someone with an eye toward railroad history.
I'm also sorry that I never met him. I've always enjoyed his photos on RP.

WRT your "heartless" comment, it's a very real concern. A good friend of mine, who was with me when I took many of the shots I've posted here, is now well into his 80's. Many times we discussed what would become of his slides, which date to 1959.

We both knew, or knew of, many different fates that befell different collections. One nameless photographer's collection, mostly B/W and movies dating back to the '30's, is in the hands of a niece, who thought the collection was too valuable to share with the public. To the best of my knowledge, all of his film is in an attic, just rotting away in the summer heat.

One photographer with stuff, including slides, dating to the '40's who has passed on was known to have said "I don't care what happens to my pictures after I'm gone - when I'm dead I'm dead!" Fortunately his daughter sold the slides, and some have since been published.

Charlie Houser left his portfolio to his son, Charlie, who recognized a way to put the collection to work. After selling off certain peripheral chunks, he started making dupes and became a staple at train shows all over the northeast for a long time. I think he later gave up the train shows, and he was slowly selling off the originals on ebay.

The last time that I discussed this subject with my friend, de still didn't know what to do with his photos, That's the problem for all of us - how do we answer the question of the disposition of our collections? Let's face it, most of us have a hard time managing our own collections, and expecting someone else to take over is a tall order. While we don't want to think about our own mortality, we do need to think about our legacy.
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