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Originally Posted by sd9
My Elite membership had expired the other day and I have not renewed it, I had it just so I didn't have to put up with all the stupid pop-ups, But,,,The last five pics I uploaded since then have been rejected, for various reasons, like for example,
(I think there's pletty of nose light!)
Now, I can go into the data base in the last day and find a bunch of
"doesn't feature enough light" pics that were accepted, I'm not saying....but

Yes are you saying.. lol

Personally, your shot is an in your face 3/4 wedge with lacking nose light over nearly half of the nose and rightfully deserved to be rejected because of the simplicity involved in replicating that image to a higher standard. Not to mention a quick graze through your accepted photos, showed me no fewer than 20 shots featuring EJ&E engines in nearly the same pose...

I think you can live without this one making it...

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