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"While RPElite members normally enjoy unlimited submissions, occasionally we are forced to limit this benefit due to a high rate of rejections. You will still continue to enjoy the other benefits of RPElite membership." I thought that all Elite members were subject to an upload limit due to the workload of screeners (the word occasionally being used) and "a high number of photo rejections." It seems it is 10 for most but mine is 5 per day and it appears that it could be set to anything the admin wanted. I don't know whether other Elite members are all affected or whether admin(s) single out members with what they consider a high rate of rejection. My photo rejection rate is probably a lot less than the 70% average in spite of screener bias. Ultimately less than 10% fail to be accepted because of my persistence with re-submission and that is why I suspect the changes are punitive. I don't have a problem with the limit but I do with the reason and lack of notification and that Elite membership is still advertised as being unlimited. Other benefits that are promoted such as Elite lounge forum are elusive or non-existent! If anybody has ever found a way into the Elite lounge or the very exclusive Elite Premium let me know because I can't get an answer from admins. Screen dump of my photo upload limit from profile:
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