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Unhappy Can't find the right adjustment for "Bad Color"

I have tried to correct this photo: (this submission has a slight increase in saturation) by increasing and decreasing the saturation from the original and I cannot find a setting that is acceptable (it has been rejected about 11 times.) If I convert it to B&W, then it is rejected for "Bad Contrast" and I cannot find a contrast setting in B&W that is acceptable either. Looking at the original, I can see that it appears to be slightly over-saturated. It was shot between 4pm and 5pm local time with a clear to high, thin overcast sky. My last submission with decreased saturation was rejected as well for "Bad Color". The "sweet spot" seems to be hard to hit.

Is there an objective way to set the saturation or color depth to make it acceptable? Is there some artifact in the image that makes it difficult to fix the "Bad Color" rejection? Is there a color balance problem? If it's time to give up, just let me know.
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