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Originally Posted by JimThias
And my point was, if you ever feeled compelled to compare your rejected photo to another image, make sure it's comparative. When a shot or power is unique, factors light lighting are taken less into consideration. So it's probably not a good idea to compare your common grade crossing Amtrak wedgie to a photo of a classic steam engine.
And the comparison photo had completely different lighting, as the train side was well lit and the nose not, completely opposite that of the Amtrak shot. Had you found an accepted shot with similar light to your rejected shot, or one with equivalent lack of side light to yours but with no nose light also, that would have made more sense given your complaint. The bigger picture, of course, is that the reasons are not iron clad rules and will be overlooked if a picture is just plain darn good!

But perhaps this discussion has gone into the unproductive zone, as can occasionally happen on the internet!
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