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Originally Posted by John Ryan View Post
Mine stopped working, and all it does is sit there and make buzzing noises like a bee is trapped in it. It failed in February. I still seem to find the trains. I'd suggest looking around at a model railroad swap meet, as I've seen a number of them for sale (cheap) at train shows.

Keep in mind the coming FCC narrowband changes, which will make most existing scaner models obsolete.
Check places like Radio Shack...blah, or even Ebay. You can pick up a cheap new scanner retail for $100-150. Cheaper than that on Ebay.

As far as the narrowbanding, the scanners won't be necessarily obsolete, but they won't pick as well as they do now. You may have started to notice this on some Class 1's already. The locos/hi-rails are still receivable, but they sound very low volume if not muffled.
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